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Goblin Miniatures

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Pathfinder Goblins Miniatures

Hello fellow adventure or Dungeon master are you looking to add some Pathfinder Goblins Miniatures to your collection? These little aggressive humanoids work amazing as random encounters. We offer a number of Pathfinder Goblins Miniatures and sell them as individual units as well as bulk collector sets. All our Pathfinder Goblins Miniatures are cast in resin, should you face any issues prior to ordering one of our Pathfinder Goblins Miniatures please contact us via the contact us above.

Goblin miniatures – If you are looking to pick up some goblin minis to act as Pathfinder Goblins or buff out an existing 28mm goblins army then you’ve come to the right place! We stock a wide range of goblin figures and miniatures.

All our Goblin figures and Goblin Miniatures are designed in house and is exclusive to goblin miniatures, should you face any issues or have any concerns before placing an order with us, whether it be for orc terrain  or a miniature please contact us via the contact us link located above, we are always ready and happy to help.