Orc Miniatures

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Orc Miniatures – We stock a vast selection of Orc miniatures and orc figures that can be used in an array of games. Our RPG and table top miniature range covers both orc miniatures and half orc miniatures and includes models such as the half orc cleric, orc fighters and half orc barbarian miniature, all our miniatures are designed in 28mm scale and made in resin.

should you face any issues or have any concerns before placing an order with us, whether it be for orc terrain or an orc miniature please contact us via the contact us link located above, we are always ready and happy to help.

Half ORC Barbarian Miniature

Are you looking for a Half ORC Barbarian Miniature to dominate your table or RPG experience, then look no further, here at goblin miniatures we offer a number of Half ORC Barbarian Miniatures, from the half orc cleric ready to offer divine solutions, to the aggressive and our right bulky Half ORC Barbarian Miniature that will over shadow other heroes in your partry, just the way any half orc should be.  All our miniatures including the Half ORC Barbarian Miniature are cast in resin allowing for a highly detailed model, you can even pick the models up in STL format!

Female ORC Miniature

Greetings fellow war gaming and RPG enthusiast we see your looking for a Female ORC Miniature, you’ve likely searched long and hard to find that perfect Female ORC Miniature, only to be shown time and time again male orc miniatures. That was our journey too and one of the reasons we offer Female ORC Miniatures, because at the end of the end players need female orcs too! Browse our Female ORC Miniature line below should you face any issues please just let us know by contacting us.